Failure warning

NOVUM technology makes it possible to identify irregularities and risks when monitoring batteries and battery storage systems before failures occur. If a problem is imminent, our system sounds the alarm. In this case, the responsible employees receive an outage warning via a simple, user-friendly interface, with all the necessary information, and can take preventive measures. The alerts can also be integrated into the respective customer systems so that your service teams can maintain their usual processes and still react quickly to impending problems.

Avoid battery failures and battery storage failures

When systems, equipment or vehicles fail due to dead or even defective batteries, owners and operators are faced with numerous problems. To avoid production downtime, unnecessary costs or even endangering employees and customers, it makes sense to monitor all batteries or cells with the help of NOVUM technology. Our battery experts will not only inform you when a malfunction occurs, but can also predict problems in most cases, giving you the opportunity to take preventive measures in time.

Why do batteries fail?

There are many causes for battery failure. With the help of AI-based monitoring systems, most of them can be identified. The goal is to replace batteries or use them more gently so that failure does not occur.

The following causes can lead to battery failure:

  • Production quality: Errors were already made during the production of the battery, e.g. by using non-homogeneous cells
  • Aging: The battery has been in use for a long time and has reached its end of life due to normal wear and tear
  • Overload: The battery has been subjected to too much stress and therefore develops defects prematurely
  • Environmental influences: The battery is or was exposed to excessive heat, cold or moisture
  • Damage: The battery may have sustained damage during transport or installation, resulting in erratic aging or failure

How does NOVUM’s artificial intelligence detect the impending failure?

To determine the battery condition we need at least information about current, voltage and the temperature of your batteries in a resolution of 1–60 seconds. Our AI analyzes these factors and matches them with data from tens of thousands of other batteries.

The AI recognizes an impending failure by means of typical patterns: Thermal runaways are announced, for example, by the fact that the internal resistance of the battery first reduces and then increases exponentially. This happens well before the battery actually heats up, i.e. before the fatal chain reaction that leads to the explosion is set in motion.

When such anomalies or irregularities occur, the AI immediately sounds the alarm. “Human” employees would usually not even notice such defects. Diagnosis with patented NOVUM technology therefore gives companies a big head start in terms of safety. After all, it’s often not just the failures that worry decision-makers. A defective battery can also start to burn or even explode. However, with modern technology, this can be avoided.

How does the failure warning take place?

How the failure warning is done depends on how you use batteries and what kind of monitoring you want.

  1. Failure warning for battery storage systems

We provide you with all the data about your storage in a user-friendly interface or directly via our API interface. This way, your employees are alerted as soon as we identify irregularities. In this case, you can intervene yourself, e.g. by replacing individual modules. Push notifications are also possible.

  • Failure warning as part of battery diagnostics on stationary test system

Checking batteries on our stationary test systems provides you with information on the state of health, residual capacity and residual value of batteries. In addition, we identify batteries that have good remaining capacity but whose internal chemical state indicates that safety-related problems will soon develop, such as dendrite formation that will lead to short circuits. Of course, such specimens should not be installed in the memory under any circumstances afterwards.

  • Vehicle failure warning with the help of NOVUM’s mobile service tool

If you want to prevent failures, we recommend that you regularly maintain your vehicle batteries with our service tool. Check battery condition and remaining capacity easily in just 90 seconds. Create service life forecasts with just a few clicks and benefit from our advice regarding the optimal use of the battery within your fleet. If your vehicle suddenly fails anyway, you can use the service tool to check whether the defect is actually related to the battery. Expensive sending in “on the off chance” to the manufacturer is no longer necessary.