Data evaluation

NOVUM uses neural networks to evaluate battery data. These are various AIs that filter relevant information from large amounts of data. NOVUM’s AIs are self-learning and therefore constantly evolving. They are combined with each other and monitor each other so that irregularities or even errors are noticed immediately.

How is data analyzed at NOVUM?

The data analysis takes place in the NOVUM Cloud, where the data can be sent encrypted by our customers. We store all data in DIN ISO /IEC 27001-certified data centers in Germany.

When we test or monitor a new battery type, the AI is trained to use it. At the same time, a second AI monitors the work of the first. With an extensive test phase, known as pre-processing, we ensure that all battery data is interpreted correctly before we present results to our customers.

Once the AI has been trained on the new battery type, a battery test — in which we can make statements about the state of health, the capacity or the residual value of the battery, for example — actually only takes 90 seconds. This information can even be called up every second for storage facilities that we monitor permanently.

How are the test results transmitted?

We prepare all the results for you in a clear and easy-to-understand format. If you use our Battery Analyzer or Cell Analyzer, the results will be displayed on a screen next to the test system after a few seconds. You can see at a glance which category a particular cell or battery is assigned to and can view the background to the test result with a further click.

If you use NOVUM technology to monitor your battery storage system, you will receive all relevant data in the form of a clear dashboard in our digital Service Center.

In the “Performance Guard” package, for example, you can see whether the warranty conditions are being met in your storage system, how the state of charge and temperature are behaving and much more. In the “Safety Guard” package, we activate the evaluation results for each individual module for you so that you can see at any time exactly where problems could occur in your storage system and when you need to replace it. And in the “Life Time Guard” package, we also calculate various operating scenarios for you so that you can make your marketing decisions based on data.

Further information on the evaluation of battery storage data can be found here.

Can I also receive the raw data for my batteries or battery storage system?

Of course! You have full control over your data at all times and can also receive the raw data from us. These are permanently available for collection in our cloud. You simply receive the data via our REST API interface.

Why can I as a customer be sure that the evaluation results from NOVUM are valid?

Safety is our top priority. If the evaluation results of the NOVUM AI were not valid, this would lead to massive problems for our customers and even serious dangers for people working with batteries or in battery storage systems.

That’s why we don’t just use one AI to test and monitor batteries, but several AIs that monitor each other. This allows us to permanently determine whether there are any irregularities. Errors would be noticed immediately.

We are happy to provide you with our daily data and evaluation quality report for each of your batteries.