Performance Guard

The Performance Guard is our basic package for manufacturers, operators and marketers of battery storage systems. It monitors the most important key figures, compliance with warranty conditions and performance so that you always know whether your storage system is delivering what it promises.

Basic information:

  • Live monitoring of key storage figures such as state of charge, state of health, load profiles or efficiency

  • Diagram generation function for historical curves with selectable time intervals

  • Live monitoring of compliance with warranty conditions

  • Warning function if warranty conditions are exceeded

Performance Guard Dashboard

Your advantages:

  • Full transparency thanks to manufacturer-independent storage information

  • Permanent monitoring of performance-related key figures

  • Control and proof of compliance with warranty conditions

  • Clear presentation in an intuitive online dashboard

  • Provision of all data via a REST-API interface

  • Historical storage of all data

“Transparency is crucial — especially when it comes to batteries. Our Performance Guard provides manufacturers, operators and marketers of battery storage systems with the most important basic information for the effective and warranty-compliant operation of battery storage systems.”

Oliver Majetta, Team Leader Battery Analysis, NOVUM Engineering

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