We get more out of your batteries

With the help of artificial intelligence, we determine the state of charge, current capacity and expected service life. Whenever and wherever you want. In a matter of seconds.

We get more out of your batteries

With the help of artificial intelligence, we determine the state of charge, current capacity and expected service life. Whenever and wherever you want. In a matter of seconds. Whenever and wherever you want. In a matter of seconds.

Our Products

Stationary test systems

Test batteries and battery cells of any type using patented test systems and artificial intelligence.

Fleet monitoring

Determine the condition of vehicle batteries whenever and wherever you want with our mobile service tool.

Battery storage Guard

With the help of artificial intelligence, we ensure the safe operation of your battery storage system around the clock.

The NOVUM technology

As an innovation leader in battery diagnostics, we offer more than data analysis using artificial intelligence. Our patented technology allows us to determine all the necessary information ourselves, if required. — And thus offer an “all-round carefree package” for everyone who wants to use batteries more efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Your advantages


With NOVUM you make data-based marketing decisions and use the full potential of your batteries.


Our Artificial Intelligence detects irregularities before batteries overheat or fail.


Use battery diagnostics with NOVUM to use and recycle batteries longer.

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You can clarify individual questions about battery diagnostics with NOVUM quickly and easily with our experts!

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“Batteries have never been so predictable.”

Mandy Schipke, CEO


Why is NOVUM technology revolutionising the battery industry?

Until a few years ago, batteries were like little black boxes even for experts. It was simply impossible to provide accurate information about their state of charge, capacity and life expectancy. This is because batteries are exposed to a variety of environmental factors, such as temperature and user behaviour. The state of charge and the development of capacity can therefore be completely different for two batteries of the same type.

Researchers around the world have been working for years to make accurate assessments about the condition of batteries. Environmental influences are simulated in laboratories to examine their effects on the storage units. — A lengthy, expensive process with vague results, because laboratory conditions never correspond one hundred percent with the real circumstances.

In a process that is unique in the world, NOVUM’s engineers have succeeded in using patented technology and artificial intelligence to provide reliable information about the condition, capacity and service life of batteries. For this, NOVUM has won various prizes, including being awarded ‘High-Tech Startup Europe 2017’.

How does NOVUM battery monitoring work?

With NOVUM, batteries can be checked cost-effectively in a few seconds, anywhere in the world, at any time. The data which is currently collected by participating companies is uploaded to the NOVUM cloud and analysed using neural networks. These form a type of artificial intelligence able to process large amounts of data and filter out relevant information.

Companies that collect little or no data on their energy storage systems receive patented measurement technology from NOVUM for on-site analysis. Power is sent to the batteries via the fixed and mobile test systems. The subsequent echo provides NOVUM’s artificial intelligence with the necessary information to make accurate statements about the state of charge and service life.

Is NOVUM technology suitable for all battery types?

Yes, with NOVUM technology we can analyse batteries of all types, including lithium, NMC, LFP and lead-acid batteries.

Is our internal company data secure at NOVUM?

Yes, data protection is a top priority at NOVUM. If required, the analysis is carried out directly on your premises, so that no information leaves your company. We are happy to train your employees to use our fixed and mobile test systems in order for you to carry out the monitoring independently.

How accurate are the analysis results from NOVUM? Could the artificial intelligence possibly draw wrong conclusions from the data?

You can trust the NOVUM AI completely as it’s run with a permanent self-monitoring routine. If contradictions or irregularities appear, this is critically reviewed by the artificial intelligence. In other words, the AI notices when it makes mistakes. In addition, the self-learning system is constantly evolving in the application process with you and can thus make increasingly accurate statements.

How do companies save when they use NOVUM technology?

Depending on the individual case, companies can use NOVUM to save costs in various ways and even tap into new business areas. With the help of NOVUM, you can utilise the capacity of your storage facilities better. Maintenance costs and, in some cases, even insurance costs are reduced. Maintenance costs and, in some cases, even insurance costs are reduced.

By providing valuable information on usage behavior, you have the chance to increase the service life of your batteries. You get the opportunity to reuse used batteries in your own operations or sell them and feed them into a second or even third life cycle, for example in large-scale storage facilities.

Why does the use of NOVUM contribute to environmental protection?

With the help of NOVUM, batteries can be used longer and more intensively. NOVUM’s battery monitoring also creates the conditions for batteries to go through a second or even third life cycle.

Manufacturers can thus make batteries more compact. Users have to buy fewer batteries. Valuable raw materials are saved. Even today, intact old batteries are being incinerated in may places. With the help of NOVUM, a large proportion of these can be reused instead.

To what extent does NOVUM support the energy transition?

In order to generate electricity from wind and sun, it is necessary to build large-scale storage systems that ensure that the power grid remains stable when there is no wind or rain. These large-scale storage systems are made up of many individual battery elements.

With the help of NOVUM technology, for example, used vehicle batteries can be reused in large storage systems. In addition, by monitoring the storage, NOVUM ensures that there are no failures or even a blackout.

Can NOVUM prevent failures or even fires of energy storage systems?

Yes, definitely! With the help of patented hardware and artificial intelligence, we can detect irregularities in good time. We reliably let you know when you need to replace individual elements to prevent failures, fires or even explosions. This gives you, as well as your employees and customers, added security.

Which countries does NOVUM deliver to?

NOVUM technology is available worldwide. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

I would like to use NOVUM technology. How do I proceed?

Simply contact us. Together we will determine how we can best help you and create a tailored offer for your company’s requirements.

NOVUM’s technology interests me as a scientist. Can I collaborate with NOVUM?

We already collaborate regularly with the TU Dresden and are looking forward to further partners from the research field joining forces. Of course, we also welcome students and PhD students writing theses and dissertations on battery monitoring and related topics.