Lifetime Guard

The Lifetime Guard from NOVUM offers you maximum transparency for your battery storage system with the help of artificial intelligence. You have access to all basic performance information and can use the early warning system for all modules. We also provide you with service life forecasts for various use cases, giving you the opportunity to optimize your profit and the service life of the storage system.

Service life information:

  • Statistical recording of previous use cases of the storage system

  • Lifetime forecast based on previous storage operation

  • Operating instructions for a possible extension of the storage life

  • Lifetime simulation for various future operating scenarios

  • Output of profitability indicators (cost-per-cycle) for various operating scenarios

Lifetime Guard Dashboard

Safety information:

  • Live monitoring of the health status of all memory modules

  • Warning function for critical module states with:

    • Immediate need for action

    • Action required within the next month

    • Need for action within the next 6 months

  • Localization function for critical modules

  • Self-sorting list of all modules sorted by need for action

  • Push messages for security risks

Basic information:

  • Live monitoring of key storage figures such as state of charge, state of health, load profiles or efficiency

  • Diagram generation function for historical curves with selectable time intervals

  • Live monitoring of compliance with warranty conditions

  • Warning function if warranty conditions are exceeded

Your advantages:

  • More planning security thanks to daily service life forecasts for your storage systems

  • Risk minimization through virtual testing of various use cases

  • Financial key figures for battery wear as the basis for truly lucrative trading decisions

  • Longer and more sustainable storage utilization

  • Clear presentation in an intuitive online dashboard

  • Provision of all data via a REST-API interface

  • Historical storage of all data

“With our Lifetime Guard, you get the most out of your memory. The status of each individual module finally becomes transparent. You no longer run any security risks. And you can make data-based and sustainable marketing decisions.”

Mandy Schipke, CEO, NOVUM Engineering

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