Current projects

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Current projects

Fixed test systems and fleet monitoring at JT Energy Systems

JT Energy Systems, a joint venture between Jungheinrich and Triathlon Batterien GmbH, has been participating in NOVUM since 2022. As part of this technological collaboration, we are ensuring that used forklift batteries can be reused in a second or even third life cycle.

In the meantime, our Battery Analyzer and Cell Analyzer are in daily use at the Freiberg site. Additionally, JT Energy Systems has received our Mobile Service Tool, which allows employees to check the condition of vehicle batteries at anytime, anywhere. We continue to work closely with the team at JT Energy Systems in order to continuously develop our AI-based analysis tools.

The use of NOVUM technology not only means a huge financial relief for JT Energy Systems. Every forklift battery that is reused is a small but important step towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Battery storage optimization for LEAG energy cubes

To improve the market opportunities of battery storage operators and to contribute to more sustainability and security in the energy market, LEAG energy cubes combine electricity marketing with NOVUM’s services since 2022.

Our technology not only allows us to accurately determine the condition of each battery and battery cell, but also enables us to prevent failures and optimise storage performance. We can tell manufacturers and owners of electricity storage systems exactly how to make the best use of new and used batteries and which usage scenarios are particularly worthwhile for their storage systems. Together, we can extend the service life of storage systems by up to 20 percent.

With our technology, we are making a significant contribution to the safety and sustainability of LEAG customers’ large-scale battery storage facilities. The first implementation of the software solution took place at a storage facility of the Upside Group. The Upside Group is a partner in the BMSmart project together with TU Dresden, LEAG and NOVUM. The joint project aims to increase the energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and longevity of large-scale battery storage systems through improved battery monitoring and optimizing string management.