Safety Guard

In addition to all the important basic information on the performance of your battery storage system, the Safety Guard provides you with precise information on the health status of individual modules. Use NOVUM’s artificial intelligence to localize problems immediately and intervene before critical situations arise in your storage facility.

Safety information:

  • Live monitoring of the health status of all modules

  • Warning function for critical module states with:

    • Immediate need for action

    • Action required within the next month

    • Need for action within the next 6 months

  • Localization function for critical modules

  • Self-sorting list of all modules sorted by need for action

  • Push messages in the event of security risks

Safety Guard Dashboard

Basic information:

  • Live monitoring of key storage figures such as state of charge, state of health, load profiles or efficiency

  • Diagram generation function for historical curves with selectable time intervals

  • Live monitoring of compliance with warranty conditions

  • Warning function if warranty conditions are exceeded

Your advantages:

  • Reliable fire prevention

  • Greater security

  • Less downtime

  • Plannable maintenance intervals

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Clear presentation in an intuitive online dashboard

  • Provision of all data via a REST-API interface

  • Historical storage of all data

“Fires or even explosions occur in battery storage systems time and again. With the Safety Guard, you can eliminate risks before real problems arise. This protects your system and your team.”

Anton Kelbert, Development Engineer, NOVUM Engineering

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