Replacement forecasts

A replacement forecast is the prediction of when a battery will fail its particular application. We warn our customers up to 6 months before this is the case. This helps you to act with maximum efficiency and at the same time with foresight. Above all, this way you can avoid breakdowns, fires or even explosions.

Although batteries were invented over 200 years ago, until recently it was extremely difficult, even for experts, to accurately predict when a battery would be replaced or when it would cause serious problems or even fail completely.

This is mainly due to the fact that the expected service life and state of health change individually depending on the use of the battery. Two batteries of the exact same model, produced on the same day, can therefore behave completely differently after a year, for example.

However, it was not possible for engineers and scientists to “look inside” batteries and make statements about their status quo or even forecasts for their behavior.

At a time when more and more companies and private individuals are turning to electromobility, this is highly problematic. After all, what to do with the many used batteries that are already accumulating and will become even more so in the future? Especially against the background of the increasing scarcity of resources, it was necessary to find solutions for a longer useful life as well as the recycling of batteries.

How do NOVUM’s exchange forecasts come about?

The way exchange forecasts are made depends on which NOVUM product you want to use.

  • Replacement predictions for removed batteries on stationary test systems

With our Battery Analyzer and Cell Analyzer, your employees can check for themselves on site what condition your batteries or individual cells are in. In addition, the residual value can be determined in a matter of seconds. After that, it is possible to assign batteries to different categories for further use.

In terms of replacement forecasts, this means that you can use the Stationary Test Systems to accurately assess whether you can put a battery back in a vehicle, for example, or whether you would prefer to use it in a different, gentler scenario due to its wear and tear.

If you decide to use the Cell Analyzer, there is also the possibility that after the diagnosis — if necessary at all — you will replace only some cells of a battery or recombine cells according to their state of health in batteries.

  • Replacement forecasts for batteries as part of our fleet monitoring with mobile test equipment

With NOVUM, you can test batteries anywhere without having to remove them. If, for example, a device or vehicle in your company suddenly fails, our mobile test system gives you the opportunity to check whether it is due to the battery or some other defect. In addition, you can determine within a few seconds whether your batteries will last until the next service interval or should rather be replaced immediately or used more gently to prevent unnecessary failures.

  • Replacement forecasts for batteries and battery modules in battery storage systems

Thanks to NOVUM technology, you can keep an eye on your battery storage around the clock and prevent problems from occurring in individual battery modules that could lead to failures, heating or even fires in the long term or affect the service life of your storage.

We create a digital twin for monitoring your storage. Our artificial intelligence then analyzes the data on each individual battery module. As soon as irregularities occur, the system sounds an alarm. Your staff will be notified via a user-friendly interface or an API interface and can intervene before problems actually occur.

Important to know: Even with large storage tanks, replacement does not always mean disposal! The more information our AI gathers about your storage, the better we can advise you on the design of your storage. In many cases, it makes sense to arrange batteries differently or use them in a different usage scenario to extend their life.

Reliable exchange forecasts increase economic and ecological sustainability

Those who do not know the condition of their batteries must replace them earlier as a precaution and then dispose of them. This is not only detrimental to the environment, but also costs the companies concerned a lot of money every year.

NOVUM offers an uncomplicated and secure solution for this. Benefit from our technology and replace batteries only when it is really necessary and makes sense. Call us or send us an e‑mail! We will gladly take the time to advise you personally.


Ingolf Bachmann

Office Manager

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