Data Protection

The exchange of data is essential for NOVUM’s AI-based battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring. We take numerous measures to ensure that our customers’ data is one hundred percent secure at all times during this process.

What does NOVUM do to protect customer data?

  • Encryption

The transfer of data from the customer to the NOVUM Cloud and back is exclusively encrypted.

  • Limited access

At NOVUM, of course, only those employees who are necessarily involved in the respective project have access to customer data. All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement and receive training on data protection. As far as your team is concerned, you decide which employees you allow access to.

  • Personalized authentication

If your employees want to access the data, they must always authenticate themselves with a password.

  • Data storage on certified servers in Germany

All the data centers we use are located in Germany and are certified in accordance with DIN ISO / IEC 27001.

  • Cyber Security Check

We constantly check whether our AI is still running according to the same software parameters.

  • No processing of personal data

As a matter of principle, we do not process any personal data as part of battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring.

May we share the data collected by NOVUM?

Yes, it can make perfect sense to share your data. This applies in particular if you would like to have a battery type tested with which another of our customers has already carried out tests or is planning to do so. With NOVUM, you always have the choice of either using your battery data exclusively or sharing it with others and benefiting from the fact that the AI can be trained faster thanks to the larger amount of data.


Ingolf Bachmann

Office Manager

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