Battery life extension

The expected lifetime and wear condition of batteries can only be roughly estimated with conventional technologies based on models. The results are always inaccurate because numerous environmental factors are not adequately included. Many companies therefore take the precaution of replacing batteries long before their actual end of life.

With NOVUM technology, the expected service life can be accurately predicted for various load scenarios. Companies can thus finally exploit the full potential of their batteries. In addition, the data from the AI-based diagnostics enable individual utilization strategies to be designed for each individual battery. This allows battery storage systems in particular to be operated long-lasting, gently and efficiently without any loss of performance.

How does the battery life extension with NOVUM technology work?

No two batteries are the same. Depending on material and production quality, intensity of use and environmental factors, two batteries of the same type manufactured on the same day may behave completely differently after a certain period of time. There is therefore no single strategy for extending battery service life — rather, it is important to find the optimum location and the ideal method of use for each battery.

At first, this may sound like a complicated process. In fact, battery diagnostics takes only a few seconds. The recommendation for future use is also output automatically, so that the procedure can be carried out without any problems even with a high battery volume.

Step 1: Detect battery condition using AI

Many companies already collect data on batteries. If their scope and quality is high enough, NOVUM’s artificial intelligence can immediately start analyzing them. What sets NOVUM apart from other providers is the fact that battery diagnosis is possible even without any prior information. NOVUM’s stationary and mobile test systems are used for this purpose.

Test systems from NOVUM

  • Stationary test systems: With our Battery Analyzer and Cell Analyzer, batteries or individual cells can be checked for their state of wear, their remaining capacity and their expected remaining service life.
  • Mobile test systems: Companies already using NOVUM can also obtain a mobile service tool with which many battery characteristics can be tested on the move.
  • Battery storage monitoring: In modern battery storage systems, NOVUM technology keeps an eye on the status of each individual battery cell around the clock.

To find the ideal location for the battery, NOVUM’s artificial intelligence matches the data with many thousands of other battery data sets.

Step 2: Use the battery optimally and gently

Companies that decide to use batteries in a sustainable way should develop strategies for the longer use or the reuse of batteries before using them with NOVUM technology. For the individual areas of application, the batteries are then assigned to different categories — e.g. A, B, C and D — as part of the battery diagnosis.

As an example, the battery life extension for vehicle batteries can then be designed as follows:

Category A — batteries with optimal quality

The battery still functions optimally and can be used again in the previous or another vehicle.

Category B — battery works with minor limitations

The capacity of the battery is no longer optimal. Instead of being used on long routes, it will therefore only be used on short routes in the future — for example, for a vehicle that travels exclusively within a warehouse.

Category C — battery works with limitations

The battery is already showing significant signs of wear and should therefore be monitored around the clock. Instead of being used in the vehicle, it is therefore used until the end of its life in battery storage, where it can be easily checked and replaced in good time without any risks.

Category D — battery is defective

The battery is defective and thus battery life extension is impossible. Nevertheless, individual components of the battery can be recycled. NOVUM’s battery diagnostics clarified potential safety risks so that appropriate precautions can be taken during transport and disassembly.

Special case: service life extension within a battery storage system

Companies that have already decided to make longer use of used batteries by installing them in battery storage should not hesitate to seek advice in the process. Where exactly the battery is installed and in which situations or for which purposes it is used must not be left to chance in the interests of longevity and profit maximization. With the help of our AI-based battery diagnostics, we advise you on planning and design and keep a permanent eye on your batteries even during their last life in storage.


Ingolf Bachmann

Office Manager

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