90 seconds

90 seconds is all you need to perform an automated, high-precision test of battery condition and residual capacity using one of our test stands or mobile test devices based on artificial intelligence.

Based on this, it is possible, for example, to create service life forecasts and residual value determinations. Without NOVUM technology, the process would take about five to ten hours and would accordingly involve significantly higher costs.

Battery diagnostics — faster, more accurate and cheaper than ever before!

With the increasing trend towards electric mobility, the number of “returns”, i.e. used vehicle batteries, is growing from month to month. This poses huge challenges for manufacturers and recycling companies, for which there is still no standardized solution.

Recycling batteries without modern technology and artificial intelligence is virtually impossible due to the increasing volume. At the latest, when whole truckloads full of used batteries reach the companies, a practicable solution must be found.

With NOVUM, straightforward, split-second testing is now affordable for all interested companies. NOVUM’s Battery Analyzer and Cell Analyzer allow you to test batteries of any type within seconds without any prior information. The results are displayed on a screen in a user-friendly manner.

  • Battery Analyzer: Checks battery condition, lifetime and residual value of batteries and battery modules of any type in a few seconds
  • Cell Analyzer: Tests up to 8 battery cells simultaneously for battery condition, lifetime and residual value

Your employees do not need expert knowledge for battery analysis within seconds. After a short briefing by our NOVUM team, your production staff can carry out the whole process themselves.

Why does battery diagnostics work so quickly with NOVUM?

NOVUM’s patented technology is the result of many years of research. For our split-second diagnosis, we combine various measurement methods with artificial intelligence. In some cases, we simply set the analyses on top of the data that the battery already brings. In other cases, we additionally perform a quick deep battery analysis. What sets us apart from competitors is primarily the fact that we can always determine the battery status — even if there is no data on the battery at all. In this case, we add a small piece of hardware and simply collect the data we need ourselves — even if the batteries are already defective.

The fact that our battery diagnostics work so quickly these days is also due to the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This can capture and process data at a speed that would never be possible for us humans. NOVUM’s Artificial Intelligence is constantly monitored by a second Artificial Intelligence for safety. If there are any anomalies or possible errors, the guard AI immediately sounds the alarm and our employees are notified. This makes NOVUM’s AI not only particularly fast, but also particularly secure.

At what point does battery diagnostics in seconds with NOVUM pay off?

The point at which the investment in NOVUM technology pays off differs from company to company. Especially companies, which usually still dispose of used batteries after their first use, will notice very quickly how much they save by using NOVUM.

However, it is important to develop a strategy for the use of the tested batteries and to establish the corresponding infrastructure. In vehicles or battery storage systems, individual cells or entire batteries can often be reused for years to come. Some of our customers have even developed entirely new businesses with their spent batteries. We are happy to support you in developing your very own strategy. Simply contact us for this purpose!

Acting more sustainably through battery testing

The use of NOVUM’s battery diagnosis within seconds is not only worthwhile from a financial point of view. Companies can use NOVUM’s test systems as part of their sustainability strategy and actively contribute to environmental protection by changing their processes. Recycling used batteries into stationary 2nd-life storage immediately lowers your company’s carbon footprint because everything these batteries do doesn’t have to come from fossil sources.