API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is a programming interface that enables fast and secure data exchange between your systems and ours. This allows you to easily access your data at any time or to incorporate our battery analyses into your own dashboards. Of course, we protect your access with personalized authentication and communicate data exclusively in encrypted form.

What data is required for the use of NOVUM technology?

Many companies already collect data on their batteries. NOVUM’s artificial intelligence uses this to make statements about the condition, remaining capacity, service life and residual value of batteries. In our guide for battery data you will find at a glance which data we need in which quality.

If the information is not available in sufficient quantity or quality, companies can use our patented hardware to obtain more accurate data on their batteries. We focus our analysis exclusively on the batteries and take strict care to act in compliance with data protection laws. All other company data are not relevant for our work and are accordingly not queried by our software.

Why do we need an API?

We want all companies to be able to benefit from NOVUM technology, regardless of their existing infrastructure and the programs they already use. An API creates the prerequisite for this. We can exchange our data quickly and securely. You get permanent transparent access to your raw data and can display all essential information in the same time in a clear and easy to understand way for the responsible employees.

Data security for battery monitoring

Data security is a top priority for our customers. With our AI-based technology for battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring, we support customers from medium-sized businesses and large corporations that have to pay particular attention to their data security.

The issue of data security was therefore considered from the outset in the development of our battery diagnostics technology. We communicate exclusively in encrypted form, our data centers are all located in Germany and are ISO 27001 certified. We are compatible with critical infrastructure and do not store any personal data. In addition, we will work with you to find an individual solution if, for example, you do not want your data to be stored in the secure NOVUM cloud, but only to remain on your premises.

Individual advice on data protection for battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring

Using modern technology for battery diagnostics means a huge benefit for your business. Especially if you have had to dispose of batteries after their first life cycle or regularly send them in “on the off chance”, it is worthwhile to integrate NOVUM’s AI-based test systems in your company. Therefore, the issue of data security should not be an obstacle. We will gladly take the time for an individual consultation. In doing so, you can express your reservations and concerns. Many of these can be quickly debunked once they gain more insight our technology.

The following topics may come up:

  • How exactly does NOVUM’s technology work?
  • What makes our API stand out?
  • How is data processed on our stationary test systems?
  • How is the data processing done if you want to use our service tool in the field?
  • How is the data processing done for battery storage monitoring with NOVUM?
  • Why is your data safe in the NOVUM Cloud?
  • Are there any special features if you want to use NOVUM at locations abroad?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to getting to know you.


Ingolf Bachmann

Office Manager


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