Battery Analyzer

The Battery Analyzer from NOVUM is a stationary test system that allows companies to check the condition, capacity and residual value of any type of battery in a matter of seconds. The device is supplemented by the Cell Analyzer from NOVUM, which can also be used to determine the condition of individual cells. Both devices are used to recycle batteries in a second or third life cycle. If required, a corresponding categorization can be carried out. All analysis results are displayed on the device, issued as a stickable label and made available in a user-friendly manner in NOVUM’s customer portal (Service Center).

Technical details

The NOVUM Battery Analyzer is available in “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Advanced+” versions. It offers a fully automated system solution consisting of artificial intelligence and impedance spectroscopy. Due to a built-in source load, the test stand trains itself to new battery types. Knowing the battery history or reading the battery management system (BMS) is not necessary.

How does battery diagnosis work with NOVUM’s Battery Analyzer?

Battery diagnostics combines the impedance spectroscopy method with data analysis using artificial intelligence. In this process, current pulses are sent into the battery or cell, creating a kind of echo — an image of the battery chemistry! This is analyzed by NOVUM’s AI in seconds to make accurate statements about the condition of batteries, battery modules and battery packs.

Unlike a classic internal resistance measurement, NOVUM’s test systems do not measure at just one point, but at many different points (frequencies). Subsequently, the data, e.g. on the state of health, the remaining capacity or the residual value of the battery, is displayed clearly and easily understandable on our user interface.

Which battery types can be tested with the Battery Analyzer?

The Battery Analyzer is suitable for all types of batteries, including of course lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Brand and size do not matter, provided that the nominal voltage of the battery is less than 80V. Larger voltage ranges are also possible on request.

Is it possible to test individual battery cells, modules and packs with the Battery Analyzer?

Yes, you can use the Battery Analyzer for single battery cells as well as for modules and battery packs. However, if you want to know exactly the health status of different cells within a module or pack, we recommend our Cell Analyzer. Here you can test eight battery cells individually at the same time.

How long does the battery diagnosis with the Battery Analyzer take?

Battery diagnosis with the Battery Analyzer takes 90 seconds. The battery condition, capacity and residual value of batteries of any type are determined.

How difficult is it to operate the Battery Analyzer?

No special prior knowledge is required for operation. It can be learned by their production staff during a one-day workshop with NOVUM. The analysis results are displayed on a screen in a clear and easy-to-understand manner so that your employees can quickly and independently sort batteries of different categories, for example.

Does the battery have to be removed from the vehicle or device for battery diagnostics with the Battery Analyzer?

For diagnostics on the Battery Analyzer, you must actually remove the Battery. However, we additionally offer you a mobile service tool that allows you to test batteries anywhere and at any time, even on the road, as soon as our AI is “trained” with regard to your batteries.

Can NOVUM employees test the batteries at our company?

Yes, you have the choice: Either we show your employees how to operate the device or you book the battery test as a service with NOVUM.

Is leasing possible in addition to purchasing the Battery Analyzer?

Yes, of course you can also lease the device from NOVUM.

What are the advantages of battery diagnostics with NOVUM’s Battery Analyzer?

  • Productivity

Test within 90 seconds and increase your throughput. Furthermore, with the built-in source/load, your batteries can be brought up to a desired charge level.

  • Self-learning

Thanks to the self-learning capability of the NOVUM cell tester, you can classify new battery types at any time.

  • Independence

Achieve maximum flexibility by being able to evaluate the condition of your cells independent of manufacturer information.

  • Operability

The ease of use and clear visualization of the test results save you money on expensive specialist personnel.

  • Reliability

By means of a built-in self-control mechanism, the measurement results are permanently controlled and referenced. Thus, a measurement accuracy of >97% can be achieved.

  • Transparency

Access to the NOVUM Cloud allows you to view all collected measurement data indefinitely. This gives you an insight into the data history and creates maximum transparency.

You would like to learn more about our Battery Analyzer? With pleasure! Just send us an e‑mail or call us directly. We take the time to answer your questions and together we will find a solution that is perfect for you and your company.


Ingolf Bachmann

Office Manager

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