This was the NOVUM tree planting campaign 2024!

Sustainability project: developers and engineers plant 700 trees

Not just talking about sustainability, but living it. — This is what the NOVUM team is committed to. On Friday, March 22, our experts for battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring switched off their computers to take action against climate change for the third time with a tree planting campaign on Dresden’s Keulenberg.

An adult tree can absorb an average of around one ton of CO2 in its lifetime. However, according to Statista, a German produces 11.17 tons of greenhouse gases in CO2 equivalents (as of 2021). Planting trees is therefore not only sensible, but absolutely necessary.

However, the environmental campaign by the developers and engineers at NOVUM on Dresden’s Keulenberg has another important reason: the bark beetle has already caused considerable damage to the tree population in Saxony. By planting lime, maple, oak, European larch, bird cherry and copper beech according to the “island principle”, a colorful and resilient mixed forest is to be created in the future where monoculture prevailed for many years.

The battery experts from NOVUM did not need to be asked for long, and even got employees from friendly companies such as DB encore and Luni Energy excited about the campaign. The group spent a total of eight hours planting the 700 trees.

“I am proud of how our employees are committed to sustainability not only in a professional context, but also in their everyday lives,” explains NOVUM founder and Managing Director Mandy Schipke, who personally provided her employees and guests with home-cooked pea soup around the campfire. “Everyone at NOVUM comes to work by bike or public transport, without exception. And the tree-planting campaign is now in its third year as our absolute highlight.” 


Anne Schwerin

Head of Communication

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