Fast, safe and cheap: NOVUM enables recycling of used batteries from lift trucks with the help of artificial intelligence

What to do with old and defective batteries from lift trucks? Manufacturers and users from the intralogistics industry face this challenge every day. Through NOVUM, companies have been getting a fast, safe and affordable solution since 2022: AI-based analysis tools - which check batteries, battery modules and even battery cells for their condition, remaining capacity and residual value within seconds. With surprising results: Most batteries are still ideally suited to start a second or even third life cycle, e.g. in forklifts and battery storage systems.

The first batteries came into use over 200 years ago. Yet they have long remained something of a black box. Even experts found it difficult to make accurate statements about the condition and remaining capacity of used batteries. Even today, many logistics and intralogistics companies face a major challenge when it comes to the service life of their vehicle batteries.

Without adequate analysis tools, they don’t know how long a vehicle battery can be relied upon before a defect occurs. In addition, if a lift truck falls by the wayside, it is usually impossible to tell whether the problem lies with the battery or elsewhere without sending it in to the manufacturer at great expense.

NOVUM enables fast testing of lift truck batteries directly on site

With NOVUM’s AI-based analysis tools, this has changed fundamentally. Batteries, battery modules and battery cells from lift trucks can be checked on self-learning test stands within seconds for their condition, residual capacity and residual value.

A mobile service tool additionally enables the analysis wherever forklifts and other lifting vehicles are currently on the road. For companies with large fleets, this means enormous savings potential and the opportunity to finally make the handling of vehicle batteries more environmentally friendly.

NOVUM gives batteries from lift trucks a second or even third life

In particular, manufacturers of lift trucks or batteries for forklifts will benefit from the new technology based on artificial intelligence. For legal reasons alone, they are required to take back spent batteries from their customers and find solutions for their disposal — or at best sustainable recycling.

With NOVUM, they get all the information they need in seconds to correctly assess the condition and future potential of used batteries, battery modules and battery cells. The test can be performed by your own employees without extensive prior knowledge and information about the battery. Even batteries from accident vehicles can be analyzed without any problems. Depending on the requirements, the batteries can be categorized and then used for different purposes.

Benefits of NOVUM technology for lift truck manufacturers and users:

  • Prevention of failures and dangerous situations
  • Cost savings through on-site battery analysis
  • Recycling and sale possible
  • Easy handling, clear data display
  • Evaluation of rental fleets within seconds
  • Quick tests within the scope of aftersales and services
  • Individual conditions and personal support by engineers

Success story: JT Energy Systems uses NOVUM technology for forklift batteries

The company JT Energy Systems from Freiberg in Saxony is one of the companies that have not only saved costs with NOVUM since 2022, but have even made profits and opened up completely new business areas. Before the cooperation with NOVUM, the manufacturer of energy systems for vehicles with industrial applications, such as lift trucks, had to dispose of used batteries at great expense.

Since the company started using NOVUM’s Battery Analyzer, Cell Analyzer and mobile service tool, this has changed. Often, the batteries last much longer than the forklifts and other lift trucks themselves. That’s why JT Energy Systems now uses them for a second life cycle in its own vehicles whenever possible.

To ensure that no vehicle is left behind, only those batteries whose condition and remaining capacity are particularly good are used for this purpose, of course. However, even batteries and battery cells with a medium residual value are sensibly recycled at JT Energy Systems. Together with its partners NOVUM and TRICERA, the company has built the largest battery storage facility in Saxony — with the help of used batteries from lift trucks.

AI analysis also suitable for large-scale battery storage systems

The companies also jointly use NOVUM’s technology for the design, monitoring and optimal marketing of the stored electricity. With the help of artificial intelligence, the batteries within the storage system could be clustered to work together optimally. In addition, the system maintains an overview around the clock: If irregularities occur in individual batteries or cells, employees are informed immediately. For the cooperation partners, this means: Their storage is safe. Failures, heating and other dangerous situations don’t stand a chance thanks to NOVUM.


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