Interview with users: At e.battery systems, batteries are given a second life in the battery storage system with the help of NOVUM

How can we make the use of batteries even more sustainable in the future? To find answers to this question, it is worth taking a look outside the box. In the small Austrian town of Dornbirn, the young company e.battery systems shows how it works. The spin-off of the well-known battery manufacturer Akku Mäser GmbH develops and sells battery systems and at the same time specializes in the reuse of batteries in second-life storage systems. The batteries used in this process have been checked since 2023 with the help of NOVUM’s Battery Analyzer. We asked Patrik Ellensohn, CMO, how the AI-based rapid tests are going so far and talked about the vision behind e.battery systems.

Patrik, the name Akku Mäser is probably familiar to many of our readers. How did the spin-off e.battery systems come about and what is your focus?

e.battery systems actually has 30 years of battery expertise. Unlike a traditional battery manufacturer, however, we are dedicated to customized solutions, particularly in the field of e‑mobility and innovative second-life concepts.

The importance of batteries continues to grow as a result of the energy transition, which is why it was important to us from the outset to consider the second-life use of batteries and to supply our customers with tailor-made products for this purpose. Sustainability plays an extremely important role for our team.

That sounds really great! How did you come across NOVUM and what convinced you to work with us?

Our connection to NOVUM came about through a recommendation from our partner STABL, who put us in touch with Mandy Schipke at an early stage. This direct line enabled us to gain a deep insight into NOVUM’s technologies and innovative strength right from the start.

What added value does NOVUM’s AI-based technology offer your company?

The rapid battery tests allow us to check the state of health and capacity of batteries in a matter of seconds. We know exactly what is going on in the batteries and can assess whether each specimen is suitable for a second life in battery storage.

Without NOVUM, this type of fast and efficient assessment of battery performance and health would hardly be possible. Traditional methods of checking the condition of batteries are often time consuming and can put additional stress on the battery, which can shorten its life. With the Battery Analyzer from NOVUM, however, this process is not only accelerated, but is also more precise and gentle on the battery itself.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with our developers and engineers?

The cooperation with the NOVUM team is very pleasant and professional. The open communication and the ability of the developers and engineers to translate complex technical challenges into understandable solutions is particularly appreciated. Their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement makes every collaboration productive and inspiring.

How many batteries do you test each month with the Battery Analyzer? What percentage of these can be reused?  

Every month, we carry out tests on around 100 batteries with the Battery Analyzer. Fortunately, 95% of these batteries meet the criteria for reuse.

Which industries do the companies that buy your second-life storage units come from?

It’s a very colorful mix. 99 percent of our business is in the B2B sector. For example, in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg, in Schlins, we have installed a second-life battery storage system so that a business park can obtain sustainable energy from a small hydropower plant. In Thurnau, Germany, we developed and installed an impressive storage system with second-life batteries from Mercedes Benz for the stove manufacturer Hagos to optimize the company’s own consumption and for charging electric vehicles. You can find more exciting case studies on our website.

What has the feedback from your customers been like so far? What is your vision for the next few years?

Very good! We are definitely on course for growth and are receiving many inquiries, especially in the second-life sector. Our vision is to change the world for the better — through sustainable batteries. Especially for the sake of our children and future generations. We will therefore continue to work on being able to offer our customers the latest technologies in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we are doing everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible and drive forward the energy and mobility transition together with our partners.


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