STABL Energy and NOVUM enter into strategic partnership to optimize battery storage systems

STABL Energy GmbH, a pioneer in the field of scalable industrial battery storage systems based in Munich, announces its cooperation with NOVUM engineering GmbH. The Dresden-based company, which specializes in battery diagnostics, collaborates with STABL Energy as a test partner to ensure the highest quality and safety of industrial energy storage systems. 

The cooperation between STABL Energy and NOVUM not only promises a further increase in the quality and safety of battery storage systems, but also underlines the joint commitment of both companies to the sustainable use of batteries in the energy industry. Dr. Nam Truong, CEO and Co-Founder of STABL Energy, expressed his excitement about the cooperation: “We are proud to partner with NOVUM, a renowned leader in battery testing and have 100% of batteries tested that are operated with the STABL Technology. NOVUM’s reputation to have meticulous standards, is valued by many renowned companies in the industry and reinforces our commitment to working together to deliver unsurpassed safety and reliability in our solutions.”

Mandy Schipke, CEO of NOVUM, emphasized the two companies’ shared vision for technological progress and a sustainable future: “It is impressive how STABL Energy is advancing the energy sector with forward-thinking battery storage solutions.

STABL’s commitment to the use of repurposed automotive batteries demonstrates not only a strong commitment to sustainability, but also technical expertise in terms of increasing energy efficiency. The partnership with STABL allows us to be part of a transformative journey, setting new standards in the industry and contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Partnership for circular economy and enhanced safety

STABL Energy, known for its patented technologies and modular multilevel converters, develops scalable industrial storage solutions that help companies reduce their peak loads and operating costs. By utilizing high-quality, repurposed automotive batteries, STABL is committed to providing reliable and safe energy storage. This approach increases the efficiency of renewable energy, extends battery life and helps reduce CO₂ emissions, in line with sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices.

NOVUM, as a technology leader in battery diagnostics, offers much more than data analysis through the use of artificial intelligence. Patented test systems and AI are used to test batteries and battery cells of all types. The analysis includes the state of charge, the current capacity and the expected service life of batteries. By using AI, NOVUM also ensures the safe operation of energy storage systems around the clock.

The partnership integrates STABL’s technologies to improve the efficiency of batteries with NOVUM’s AI testing services, emphasizing a holistic approach. This ranges from safe low battery  voltage to minimizing environmental and noise pollution. The two companies’ shared vision for the circular economy and quality assurance promises long-term success.

About STABL Energy

STABL Energy GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, specialises in scalable industrial battery storage systems and is recognised for its advanced technology. With technologies optimising renewable energy use for peak shaving and autonomous needs, STABL enhances operational efficiency. Our proprietary Multilevel Modular Converter with proactive balancing capability ensures a reliable and safe power supply, crucial. Advocating for the circular economy, we lead in battery repurposing, prolonging battery life and reducing carbon emissions.

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