NOVUM joins forces with Shell to drive greater efficiency, safety, and sustainability for batteries

Through a marketing cooperation, NOVUM combines its innovative strength in the field of battery diagnostics and battery monitoring with Shell International Petroleum Company (Shell)’s long-standing experience and large network in mobility. The focus of the business relationship is the acquisition of new customers in the sector of automotive, energy storage and transport. NOVUM thereby strengthens its e‑mobility portfolio regarding physical first and second life battery diagnostics as well as operations and monitoring.

Shell and NOVUM share an aim to ensure that batteries are used more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. “We are excited that an established energy company like Shell supports us from now on with its large network and thus contributes to building trust in our technology,” explains NOVUM’s Managing Director, Mandy Schipke.

Both companies will benefit from the cooperation, as electromobility is one of the core topics for the Shell Group on its way to becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Shell is working in close coordination with both innovative start-ups and leading automotive OEMs to advance solutions that help simplify its customers’ electrification journey – supporting a future that will be more digital, more electric, and where greater circularity is key.

Mandy Schipke confirms, ”Automobile manufacturers in particular are increasingly looking for solutions to support enhanced battery safety, lifetime and help optimize value in the reuse of returns from e‑vehicles, and that’s where our technology comes into play.”

With today’s available conventional testing methods companies struggle to determine the required maintenance intervals and remaining life to operate batteries safely. Therefore, most e‑mobility batteries end up in the recycling yard, even though they are far from being ready for disposal. They could often be used for another 10 — 15 years, e.g., in battery electric storage systems.

The cooperation between Shell and NOVUM shall enable nationwide rapid AI-based battery diagnostics to ensure that more batteries are identified for second life. Furthermore, NOVUM does make operation safe: NOVUM’s AI monitors second-life batteries during operation and can identify small abnormalities before real problems occur. Fires or even explosions are thus prevented from the outset. 

“Our customers expect partners such as Shell to offer sustainable products and services to make it easier for them to make positive choices. We believe that NOVUM’s unique technology for battery diagnostics can bring powerful value to our OEM and fleet customers through predictive maintenance and fleet monitoring capabilities, as well as helping to enable more efficient and sustainable end-of-life management of batteries,” said Ade Ajala, Vice President New Business Development and Global Key Accounts at Shell.


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