#NOVUMKITCHEN – The tastiest way to get to know us

In a climate of mutual appreciation, people can best work together and overcome challenges together. – We at NOVUM are firmly convinced of this! Encounters at eye level within our team but also in the relationship with our customers are therefore very important to us. And where better to foster personal relationships than over a […]

Fast, safe and cheap: NOVUM enables recycling of used batteries from lift trucks with the help of artificial intelligence

What to do with old and defective batteries from lift trucks? Manufacturers and users from the intralogistics industry face this challenge every day. Through NOVUM, companies have been getting a fast, safe and affordable solution since 2022: AI-based analysis tools – which check batteries, battery modules and even battery cells for their condition, remaining capacity and residual value within seconds. With surprising results: Most batteries are still ideally suited to start a second or even third life cycle, e.g. in forklifts and battery storage systems.

NOVUM CEO Mandy Schipke for the 4th time on the board of Energy Saxony

Otherwise, only dictators can do that! Congratulations to our super smart, dedicated and equally humorous boss Mandy Schipke, who was elected to the board of Energy Saxony for the 4th time with a whopping 100 percent (!!!) of the votes. Mandy is looking forward to two more years of exciting assignments and events. Hydrogen, batteries […]


These days we are looking towards Ukraine with great concern. Our thoughts are with the people who are holding out in basements and subway shafts or are currently fleeing to an uncertain future. As children in the GDR, most of our employees themselves experienced a little of what it meant to be under an authoritarian […]