Interview with users: NOVUM and DB Bahnbau Group cooperate on battery diagnostics

DB Bahnbau Group and car manufacturer Kia are turning used electric car batteries into powerful energy storage units for green power. NOVUM takes over the battery diagnosis. In this interview, Ilma Bojadzic, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at encore | DB – a product of the DB Bahnbau Group, tells us how this came about […]

NOVUM and Circunomics: Innovation partners for a new market

With the growing trend toward e-mobility, the question of what happens to used batteries is becoming increasingly urgent. But the current situation brings not only challenges, but also opportunities. A new market is emerging, with plenty of scope for young companies. Felix Paul Wagner of Circunomics and Mandy Schipke of NOVUM are convinced: “We want […]

How dangerous is the transport of e-vehicles on the open sea?

There are risks involved in transporting e-vehicles. This is especially true on the open sea. After the sinking of the car carrier “Felicity Ace” in 2022, the first shipping company is now drawing consequences: Havila Kystruten in Norway will no longer transport e-vehicles. We report how Scandlines and TT-Line, popular with German holidaymakers, are managing […]

INOMO: Battery storage from vehicle batteries

After many years of experience in the automotive industry, Thomas Kubbe provides corporate customers with the high-tech company INOMO Technologies GmbH battery storage from used vehicle batteries as a series product. AI-based technology for battery diagnostics and battery storage monitoring are indispensable here – especially because major automotive manufacturers are now also interested in INOMO. […]

Blackout in winter? – We make large-scale storage safe!

The temperatures are still pleasant here in Dresden – but how do you actually get through the winter? Whether professionally or privately, the topic of energy is on everyone’s mind right now. And many companies want to take precautions, for example by installing their own solar systems and battery storage. With our AI-based technology, we […]

Energy transition: How NOVUM technology helps

The energy transition must finally pick up speed – not only for ecological reasons, but also for political ones. The past few days have shown us that more than ever. In this context, the expansion of large-scale storage facilities is essential in order to absorb and balance out the natural fluctuations in electricity associated with […]

Vehicle battery failure due to cold?

Quite cold today in Dresden! Not only for us humans, but also for batteries, the current temperatures are a real challenge. They already lose a third of their performance at minus 10 degrees. Drivers know the problem: The engine starts reluctantly and in the worst case the car stops. What can you do? Avoid short […]