Order Development

Based on our customers‘ needs, we develop custom solutions in the following areas:

Analog circuit technology:

  • Design, simulation, construction, and verification of circuits
  • Board layout
  • Design of low-noise amplifiers / PGA (DMS amplifier, TC)
  • ADC input wiring, unipolar, bipolar, differential analog filters
  • Integrator circuits / charge amplifiers (Piezoelectric sensors)
  • Sample and Hold (Piezoelectric sensors)
  • Point-of-Load solutions switching regulator design
  • Electric current, or performance measurement

Power electronics:

  • Design and implementation of customer-specific power electronics
  • Thermal circuit dimensioning
  • Development of new circuit topologies
  • Soft switching topologies
  • CCFL inverters (LLC half-bridges, full-bridges)

Sensor technology:

  • DMS technology (performance, error source compensation)
  • Piezoelectric sensor technology (quartz, monocrystals, ceramics)
  • Thermocouples, thermistorsPressure sensors, flow measurement (Coriolis, volume flow sensors, mass flow sensors)

Control unit design:

  • Classic PID design
  • Control in the state-space
  • Predictors for dead-time delays (heater)

Software programming / Microcontroller programming:

  • Microcontroller – ARM Cortex M4 (Freescale Kinetis), PIC 18
  • C and C++ programming
  • Driver programming (I2C, SPI, DMA, Flash Programmer firmware updater, Bootloader)
  • Digital filters
  • Real-time operating system / RTOS (FreeRTOS)
  • Test software, operator software in C# and C++

PLC programming:

  • Programming based on IEC 61131 using the platform CODESYS by 3S
  • Programming in TwinCAT3 in IEC61131 and in C++
  • Visualization within TwinCAT 3
  • Platform experience in Beckhoff CPU and fieldbus components, S7 controls
  • Electrical planning with WSCAD or EPlan possible



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